2022 White Coat Ceremony

Friday, October 28, 2022

Despite the pandemic and challenges presented by health inequities nationally and worldwide, the WashU Medicine Entering Class of 2022 offered hope during their White Coat Ceremony.

The ceremony marks a symbolic rite of passage.
Medical students received their first white coats, signifying their entry into the medical profession.

First-year medical students receive white coats

The class comes from 31 states and seven countries.
To date, this is the school’s most diverse medical class in terms of race and ethnicity, gender and socioeconomic backgrounds.

124 MD students; 19 enrolled in MSTP

Ages ranging from 18 to 37 years

52 students from under-represented groups

6 first-generation college students

May I hold fast to these ideals and values, find joy in healing, and further the health, happiness, and fulfillment of those I serve.

From the oath written by Entering Class of 2022

Students also recited an oath they had written as a class.
A key element of the oath was their commitment to health equity and social justice.

Class Oath

Written by the Entering Class of 2022

As I begin the study of medicine, I take this oath freely and upon my honor.

To my patients, I pledge:

I will prioritize your needs and humanity in support of your well-being;
I will strive to earn your trust by respecting your autonomy, identity, and experiences;
I will partner with you and your loved ones to make choices that reflect your values;
I will serve you with humility, compassion, and appreciation for the lessons you will teach me.

To society, I pledge:

I will recognize my responsibility to advocate for accessible, equitable, and sustainable care for all;
I will dismantle systemic injustices and address historical traumas, especially those perpetuated by the institution of medicine;
I will promote public health and health literacy by thoughtfully communicating accurate information and combating misinformation;
I will uplift community voices to better the health of our shared society.

To my profession, I pledge:

I will devote myself to a lifetime of learning, teaching, and mentoring;
I will advance the art and science of medicine through ethical inquiry and practice;
I will respect the unique expertise of all members of the healthcare team and embrace our interdependence;
I will act with empathy and integrity to improve the culture of medicine.

To my classmates, I pledge:

I will create an inclusive space for honest inquiry, personal growth, and vulnerability;
I will cultivate a spirit of camaraderie and mutual support;
I will offer you the grace to make mistakes and learn from them;
I will support you in striving for the high professional standards we set for ourselves.

To myself, I pledge:

I will embrace discomfort in new experiences and accept the complexity of medicine;
I will engage in continuous self-reflection and pursue passions in all aspects of my life;
I will acknowledge my limitations, act within my capabilities, and ask for help without hesitation;
I will treat myself with the same respect I show my patients and colleagues, recognizing the value of my own wellness;

As I take this oath,

I celebrate this journey with gratitude to those who support and inspire me. May I hold fast to these ideals and values, find joy in healing, and further the health, happiness, and fulfillment of those I serve.

Washington University welcomes
the Entering Class of 2022!


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What is a White Coat Ceremony?  
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