A rite of passage. The symbol of a profession.

Washington University welcomes
the entering class of 2021!

White Coat Ceremony

October 29, 2021 | 2 p.m.
EPNEC Auditorium, Washington University Medical Campus

#WashUMed is proud to welcome a diverse class of intellectually-curious and community-minded students.

123 students,
with 91 enrolled in MD, 32 enrolled in MD/PhD

36 students from
groups underrepresented in medicine

25% more applicants
than previous application cycle

White coat stories

Hear from our students about what inspires them.

Student oath

Written by the entering class of 2021

As I begin the study of medicine, I take this oath solemnly, freely, and upon my honor.

To my patients, I pledge that:

  • I will prioritize your needs and humanity in support of your full health potential;
  • I will align myself with you and earn your trust by respecting your unique identities, lived experiences, and knowledge of self;
  • I will empower you and your loved ones to make choices that honor your beliefs and values;
  • I will serve you with humility and selflessness, and be grateful for the lessons you teach me.

To society, I pledge that:

  • I will recognize my responsibilities and privilege, using my platform to advocate for accessible, equitable, and sustainable care for all;
  • I will confront historical traumas and dismantle systemic injustices that impact our communities, especially those perpetuated by the institution of medicine;
  • I will promote public health by thoughtfully communicating accurate information about science, environmental health, and medicine;
  • I will champion community voices in decisions that affect the health of our shared society.

To my profession, I pledge that:

  • I will devote myself to a lifetime of learning, teaching, and mentoring;
  • I will advance the art and science of medicine through ethical inquiry and translation into practice;
  • I will respect the unique expertise of all members of the healthcare team and embrace our interdependence;
  • I will exercise empathy and integrity as I work to improve the culture of medicine.

To myself, I pledge that:

  • I will acknowledge my limitations, act within my capabilities, and ask for help without hesitation;
  • I will navigate medicine’s complexity with humility by learning from my mistakes and seeking forgiveness;
  • I will engage in continuous self-reflection and cultivate my own growth and passion for medicine;
  • I will pursue my own wellness in deference to my identities, relationships, and humanity.

I celebrate this opportunity and am grateful to those who support and inspire me.

May I stay true to these values, find joy in healing, and nurture the passion with which I take this oath.

The journey begins.

124 future physicians pledged their oath and received their white coats, marking the beginning of their journeys to become doctors. Read the story »

Incoming students launched their medical journeys at orientation, where they got to know each other, their new school, and their community.

Physician: Scientist, Educator, Advocate

Gateway Curriculum

Washington University debuted a new medical curriculum in 2020. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to lead the transformational changes needed to improve the future of our field. It emphasizes community outreach, diversity and inclusion, wellness and professional identity.  The curriculum also enhances career development with dual-degree, certificate and mentoring programs for physicians-to-be who also aspire to lead innovations in medical education and scientific research.

What is a White Coat Ceremony?  
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