Washington University School of Medicine welcomes
a new class of future MDs.

White Coat Ceremony 2019

August 16, 2019 | 9 a.m. CT

Engaged, intellectually curious, multitalented.
Who is the Entering Class of 2019? 

101 students
49 women | 51 men

26 enrolled in the MD/PhD program

graduates of 54
different institutions

from 5 countries and
30 U.S. states

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Student Oath

Written by the Entering Class of 2019

As I begin the study of medicine, I take this oath freely and upon my honor.

To my patients, I pledge that:
I will make you my priority as I support you in realizing your full health potential;
I will hold sacred our partnership by earning your trust and working to understand your story;
I will empower you and your loved ones to make choices that reflect your values and beliefs;
I will serve you with humility and be grateful for the lessons you teach me.

To my profession, I pledge that:
I will devote myself to a lifetime of learning, teaching, and mentoring;
I will advance the art and science of medicine through inquiry;
I will practice with integrity and empathy;
I will respect the unique expertise of all members of the healthcare team
and embrace our interdependence.

To society, I pledge that:
I will champion accessible, equitable, and sustainable care for all;
I will build a safe environment by holding myself and others accountable for our biases;
I will confront historical traumas and systemic injustices that continue to impact
people’s lives, especially those perpetuated by the institution of medicine;
I will fulfill my responsibility to advocate for progress.

To myself, I pledge that:
I will recognize my limitations and act within my capabilities;
I will request and provide assistance without hesitation;
I will navigate medicine’s complexity with my best judgment, learn from my mistakes, and
seek forgiveness;
I will embrace my humanity and care for myself in order to best care for others.

I celebrate this opportunity and am grateful to those
who support and inspire me.

May I hold fast to the principles and passion with which I take this oath.


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WUSM Plunge

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